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The voice in a tumultuous year

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The year 2020 has been like no other from drought, fire and flood to the health and economic impact of the pandemic, the challenges and changes have tested the State, the City, and business. In this tumultuous year, Business Sydney hosted 43 digital events to address key issues and bring the insights, policy actions and great initiatives to all businesses in Sydney. 

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Collaboration for business and government to work together to advance Sydney as a competitive global city as well as to shape the public policy advocacy agenda that reflects the views of Sydney First members.

Explore what it takes to build a great city from local and State infrastructure, finance and funding and economic transport and mobility, reform to public spaces and arts and culture.

Explore issues including changes to how and where we work,  labour force dynamics, skills,  education and training.

Drive change and productivity through innovation precincts, start ups, entrepreneurship and collaboration, and research and development.

Designed for corporate affairs professionals to hear from industry and government leaders on policy, communication, media, stakeholder engagement.

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