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Lead the advancement of businesses and the City

As the oldest business organisation in Australia, Business Sydney has the knowledge, network, and experience to lead the advancement of businesses and the City

We dedicate to driving economic growth and creating opportunities to invest, work, live and visit in Sydney. We understand the dynamic needs of businesses and the challenges they face today, as well as the opportunities to enhance the value and vibrancy of our global city. 

  • Policy and advocacy – our policy and advocacy work provide a powerful and valued voice to improve the conditions in which business operates and the programmes and priorities of government. 
  • Strength of a network – as a member of one of the most powerful business advocacy groups in Australia, we can offer our members greater reach and better service. 
  • Connections  our comprehensive events program provides critical forums to engage and connect with government and business leaders as well as keep informed. 
  • Media Centre – Business Sydney takes every opportunity to engage with the media to advocate for businesses in Sydney and be part of the continuing dialogue on important matters impacting our city.  
  • Delivery – our collaborations and partnerships across business and government delivers changes to the city.

Policy and Advocacy

Business Sydney champions changes, projects and initiatives to advance the interests of the Sydney region. We engage closely with government through strong and effective advocacy that puts Sydney’s business, economic and social priorities front of mind and delivers action. 

We participate in government, community and industry committees and make submissions to government on issues that affect business and the future of Sydney. This ensures that the interests of business are represented and heard by decision makers and influencers at the highest levels. 

Through our research and reports we take a leadership position on key issues that impact business and the city, developing critical solutions and driving change.

We also harnesses the power and reach of our affiliate organisations Business NSW and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry  to ensure the voice of business is heard by decision makers and policy influencers at state and federal levels.

Strength of Network

Business Sydney members benefit from our strategic affiliation with Business NSW and My Business, which extends our reach and the range of products and services we can offer.

With Business NSW, we influence key decision makers at local and broader state-based levels, utilising the skills of an effective policy and advocacy team recognised across NSW and Australia as the best in the business.

My Business provides members with access to support services, essential resources and expert advice:

  • Legal
  • HR and Workplace
  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Labour Hire and Recruitment
  • Nursing and Community Support
  • Exporting and International
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Business Growth
  • Cost Efficiency


Business Sydney brings together government leaders, captains of industry and experts across a diverse range of fields so that you can gain critical insights, information, and influence as well make valuable connections.

Our events programme includes exclusive forums for Sydney First members, as well as roundtables and conferences for business and industry leaders to inform policy and action.  

From city building, economy and resilience to technology, innovation and business transformation, our events address the critical areas that support the growth of Sydney as a global city. 

Business Sydney connection and networks


Business Sydney engages and highlights issues that matter most to business, the city and the Sydney region.

Media provides a platform to advocate, influence and deliver outcomes for business and to drive economic growth and create opportunities to invest, work, live and visit in Sydney.


Business Sydney leads in thought and action. Our collaborations and partnerships across business and government mean that we deliver changes to the Sydney region including shaping and managing precincts, facilitating investment attraction, and driving economic development.