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17 May 2023

By David Jones | Public Affairs Manager, Business Sydney | Mob: 0448 285 996


The latest traffic quagmire due to an overheight truck blocking the Sydney Harbour Tunnel at the height of today’s morning peak is the last straw, Business Sydney Executive Director Paul Nicolaou said today. 

Mr Nicolaou said today’s traffic jam extending as far back as Macquarie Park would have a significant impact on business activity as Sydney strives to roar back from the effects of the pandemic. 

“Unfortunately, these overheight vehicle disruptions have become an almost daily occurrence and it’s time for the city’s traffic agony to end,” Mr Nicolaou said. 

“Today, many people have been delayed getting to jobs, business and medical appointments or getting to the airport for flights,” Mr Nicolaou said. 

“The knock on effect of these disruptions is enormous and a blight on commercial activity. 

“Having a new government in Macquarie Street is an opportunity to consider fresh ideas to stop overheight trucks getting anywhere near the Harbour Tunnel entrance. 

“Clearly, this must involve a further examination of penalties so that the owners of heavy vehicles are under more pressure to stop these adverse traffic events happening. 

“At the very least, companies operating heavy vehicles should be required to do route planning with their drivers before setting out on their journeys.

“The Sydney business sector and the community generally wants to see an end to this ongoing problem.”

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