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12 December  2022

By David Peters | Public Affairs Manager, Business Sydney | Mob: 0413 872 491


Business Sydney says the ridiculous red tape limiting the use of major venues like the new Allianz Stadium will cost Sydney dearly in terms of economic growth, international reputation and the enjoyment of its citizens and tourists. 

"Our city is about to lose millions of dollars in economic activity as the Queensland Government seizes on the opportunity to host major international artists at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium due to Allianz Stadium being capped at just six events a year," said Paul Nicolaou, Executive Director of Business Sydney. 

"Queensland has now doubled its limit from six to twelve major concerts at the old Suncorp Stadium in response to the crazy limit on our new Allianz Stadium that has shown it can bring around $7 million worth of economic activity and 1500 direct and indirect jobs from concerts like the recent Bruno Mars one." 

"The live music industry in Sydney needs all the assistance it can get to recover from Covid and red tape and planning restrictions around the use of venues from Allianz to local pubs and clubs that restrict live music is a great hindrance, denying the people of Sydney and tourists the opportunity to experience the wonderful talent we have here." 

"Let's get the rules around Allianz changed now so we can lock in the big concerts for next year before Queensland does to us what it so often does in State of Origin and beat us to the prize. We don't need to lose this battle for the entertainment dollar and international reputation that these major events bring to a city," Mr Nicolaou said.   

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David Peters

Public Affairs Manager

With many years’ experience as a Sydney-based news and current affairs journalist, David brings an extensive knowledge of our city, its people and the issues that concern them to role as Public Affairs Manager for Business Sydney. For all media enquiries please contact David Peters on 0413 872 491