Back in Business and Back to Workplaces as restrictions eased

27 January 2021

The Sydney Business Chamber says today’s announcement of the easing of Covid restrictions from Friday will provide a big boost to Sydney’s economic activity and build confidence in the return to workplaces – assisting revitalisation of the CBD economy.

“With strong management of the pandemic, easing of restrictions and businesses having covid safe practices in place, Sydney’s economic recovery now depends on increasing the number of employees returning to their workplaces to drive economic activity,” said Katherine O’Regan, Executive Director of the Sydney Business Chamber.

“Organisations have developed workplace models ensuring social distancing and every successful business depends on the collaboration and teamwork that flourishes in the office environment, so many are looking forward to returning to their workplaces.”

“Sydney’s CBD contributes $104 billion in economic activity, around 7 per cent of the nation’s economy, the engine room of the NSW economy. But it relies on people attending city workplaces to increase the economic activity and vibrancy of our great global city.”

“Today’s announcement that masks are no longer mandatory in retail and other settings will encourage people back into the city to work and shop, helping the hard-hit retail and hospitality sectors.”

“Many businesses, particularly in the CBD, depend on foot traffic and returning to workplaces will help support tens of thousands of jobs in retail, hospitality and other services. This will also assist in the development of the night time economy as people work more flexible hours.”

“Our public transport system is safe to use with mandatory mask wearing remaining in place and additional services helping to avoid crowding and congestion. We can feel safe in using it or utilising several active transport modes like walking and cycling.”

“Mental health has suffered from Covid isolation and now restrictions have eased the benefits of reconnecting and socialising with colleagues is even more important.”

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David Peters

Public Affairs Manager

With many years’ experience as a Sydney-based news and current affairs journalist, David brings an extensive knowledge of our city, its people and the issues that concern them to role as Public Affairs Manager for Business Sydney. For all media enquiries please contact David Peters on 0413 872 491