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Oxford Street, Sydney, is one of Australia's most renowned high streets. Few thoroughfares in this country can claim a story as colourful and captivating. Over the years, it's suffered declining amenity, vacant shopfronts, absent property owners, and new forms of competition.

In partnership with Hatch RovertsDay, Sydney Business Chamber presents a 'love letter' to a future Oxford Street. This Report gives the BIG Moves to create and curate a better future for the Street as a 'place' not a road.

Download and read the full report below:

The Daily Telegraph covered our Report - It's High Time – Big Ideas for High Streets. Katherine O'Regan, Executive Director, says our report proposes ways to revitalise the once vibrant cultural and commercial street. How it can be re-shaped so the 4.3km strip becomes a destination and 'place' rather than just a road.

Fears Oxford St is becoming the Parramatta Rd of Sydney’s east have sparked calls for a massive overhaul of Sydney’s glitter strip.