Let's shift the night

Night shift

Moving Sydney to a 24-hour city

We must take action to distribute and diversify the night time economy - to create opportunities for people to safely participate in both work and social activities across all hours of the day and night and across all of Sydney.

This detailed Report outlines a pathway to make Sydney a global city - one that is open all hours, stands tall with other 24 hour world cities, and one that is competitive for doing business and attracting international talent and tourists.

As we recover and build back better from the impact of Covid, now is the perfect time for Sydney to press the reset button. Crises can create opportunities to re-think and change the norm. Now is the time to capitalise on the changing work/life hours and patterns that Covid restrictions have produced and plan ahead for a longer and stronger 24 hour economy.

Shifting perceptions, policy and practices of the night 

The Sydney Morning Herald covered our Report -NIGHT SHIFT – Moving Sydney to a 24-hour City. Katherine O'Regan, Executive Director, says arts venues and theatres were a vital part of the night time economy, acting as anchor tenants for late-night precincts.

Sydney was still “overwhelmingly” a daytime city whose economic potential is held back because it “we don’t operate to our full capacity


A SEPP for the night economy

Strategic investments in precincts

Transport and mobility

Curating the nighttime economy

Governance and joined-up Government

Culture Change