great cities do not happen by chance

Now is the Time to Make Planning and Land Use a Fit for Purpose

Sydney’s planning and land use systems have hamstrung our City for too long. While our population has surged, become more diverse and shifted in lifestyle expectations, the planning and land use framework has remained rooted in the ideals of yesteryear. Notwithstanding the pandemic, our city is a significant contributor to our nation’s GDP and is the crucible of our economic productivity and creativity. How we support and manage this economy and growing population is the task of our land use and planning system. A system that must be improved. We presented to the NSW Government a pathway to making the planning process fit for purpose in our Planning Paper: Great Cities don’t Happen by Chance.

Make Planning and Land Use a Fit for Purpose

This Paper offers clear recommendations on how this can be achieved. We have eschewed the usual industry response. We do not have time for that. We are also calling for collaboration, across governments, industry, and the community. Now is not the time for shouting slogans it’s time to work more collaboratively, to agree on some common goals and work towards them.

Now is the time to enhance and embrace a revised planning policy and planning framework across New South Wales to secure the future of Sydney and hence, the nation.


Cut red tape, increase transparency, reduce assessment timeframes, and make e-planning mandatory for metro councils

Supercharge new hubs across NSW to ensure people can live in communities close to their work.

Fix the uncertainty of developer contributions to boost investment.

Preserve our heritage, create beautiful new public places, and promote good design.