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Federal Minister for Small Business

Wednesday, 22 November 2023

12:00 PM to 2:15 PM






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This lunch will be an opportunity to discuss the importance of digital for business, which is now a must have in any business, especially small business.

Joining us to address our guests is the Federal Minister for Small Business, the Hon. Julie Collins MP.  After the Minister's keynote address, she will sit down to a panel discussing the important aspects of empowering business with digital solutions with experts in this field:

  • The Hon Victor Dominello, Former Minister of Customer Service and Digital for New South Wales Government, Professor at the University of New South Wales, Senior Advisor – Public Service
  • Lucy Bingle, CEO of Australia’s leading LinkedIn agency –
  • Rich Evans, Advisor, Digital Solutions
  • Martin Rogers, CEO, Realise Business - Q&A Facilitator

The lunch will also promote the Federal Government’s Digital Solutions program, which is focused on improving the digital literacy of small businesses across Australia. The Digital Solutions program offers one on one advice, webinars and workshops to any small business and covers the areas of Websites, Online Selling, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Efficiencies gained through using Business Software online and data protection through cyber security.  

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Federal Minister for Housing, Minister for Homelessness, Minister for Small Business

Julie was elected as the first female representative for Franklin in 2007.

Julie entered politics because she believes quality education and decent health care should be available to everyone.

Throughout her career in politics, Julie has worked tirelessly to help improve the lives of others.

Julie has held numerous portfolios in both Government and Opposition.

She is currently the Minister for Housing, Minister for Homelessness and Minister for Small Business.

Julie lives on Hobart’s Eastern Shore with her husband Ian and three children.



Former Minister of Customer Service and Digital for New South Wales Government | Professor at the University of New South Wales | Senior Advisor – Public Service

Victor Dominello is a public figure focused on the advancement of digital government and developing trusted, valued services for citizens. He is a seasoned government leader, having served as a Minister in New South Wales for 12 years, and is best known for his role as Minister for Customer Service and Minister for Digital. He is celebrated for the creation and transformation of the Department of Customer Service. He is considered the pioneer of digital government in Australia, and his achievements have been admired, studied and modelled by other governments around the world.

Victor brings 23+ years of government experience, including 12 years as a former member of Parliament and Cabinet member. In March 2023, he retired from government and is now a part-time professor at The University of New South Wales and a public evangelist for digital government advancement.

Victor serves as an independent advisor and board member to corporate boards and governments with a focus on digital technologies and mental health.

In September 2023, Victor launched Service Generation, which provides advice to governments and large organisations to help them profoundly shift service delivery for the times ahead.



CEO, Australia’s leading LinkedIn agency

Lucy Bingle is the CEO of Australia’s leading LinkedIn agency – Her team of expert Marketers work with organisations and senior leaders connecting them to their target audience through thought leadership.  Lucy will show us how to harness the power of LinkedIn to create real commercial opportunities. 



Advisor, Digital Solutions

Rich is one of the original pioneers in Australia of using the internet for business. In 1997, he built his first website and started his agency, REDD in 2000. He has designed and built over 500 websites.

Richs’ first book, “Click Here – A Guide to making the Internet Work for business”, was published in 2009 and led to him hitting the national speaking circuit. He quickly became an audience favourite for his ability to take complex technology solutions and explain them in a way that was fun and easy to understand.

Rich has been at the forefront of digital transformation and has worked for many large organisations over the past two decades. He has also launched and established several of his own businesses, including a regional media network in the Central West of NSW.

Rich is a firm believer in technology and how it can enable business growth and success when the right solutions are used.



CEO, Realise Business

Martin has an extensive background and certification in Business, Marketing, and Strategy with over 20 years’ experience specialising in Strategic Thinking, Business Growth, Leadership and Team Development, across a number of industries.

Martin utilises a collaborative leadership style and has a thirst for problem solving, understanding the latest trends and identifying the uniqueness that gives businesses their edge. In a world that is a rapidly changing landscape, Martin’s focus is to work closely with businesses, so they can adapt to and take advantage of the changing environment, to keep them competitive and financially profitable.





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