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Power Up Your Linkedin Presence: WITH Lucy Bingle

CEO of Australia’s leading LinkedIn agency –


Tuesday, 4 April 2023

5:30 PM to 7:30 PM


Business Sydney | Level 23, 45 Clarence Street, Sydney



Business Sydney Members & Guests

How do you cut through the noise on LinkedIn and get your brand and message in front of the right people? 

At this reception Lucy Bingle gave practical tips and examples on how to maximise the power of LinkedIn and make the most of your LinkedIn presence both on personal profiles and business pages. Lucy's Masterclass touched on topics including:

  • How to stand out on LinkedIn
  • How to build your LinkedIn community
  • How to keep your LinkedIn community engaged and entertained
  • How to win business on LinkedIn
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Special Guest

Michelle Hutton



Lucy Bingle is the CEO of Australia’s leading LinkedIn agency – Her team of expert Marketers work with organisations and senior leaders connecting them to their target audience through thought leadership.  Lucy will show us how to harness the power of LinkedIn to create real commercial opportunities. 



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