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Including Q&A facilitated by Jacqui Attard, CEO, Realise Business

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

5:30 PM to 7:30 PM



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In an uncertain economy, many Australians are looking at ways to create a secondary income. And many have a great idea for that income, but the vast majority fail – simply because they aren't aware of the fundamentals.

The Essential Entrepreneur by Richard Turner demonstrates how having the right fundamentals in place from the very start gives you the best chance of success over and over.

Through his experience leading four successful cross-sector companies (including ZEN Energy, now the second-largest electricity retailer in South Australia, soon to become Australia's first Clean Energy Utility) and mentoring hundreds of early stage businesses, it became apparent to Richard Turner that there was a lack of real and practical information. Information on how to design a business for success from the very start and show the many people out there with great ideas how to validate their idea and get their business up and running. Turner also identifies the key differences between creating a small business that will remain a small business; or a scalable business that can be worth millions with the right model in place. 

  • Richard is onto his 3rd billion-dollar startup - how does he keep doing that across different industries? How he was able to move from Food Distribution to Labour Hire to Renewable Energy.
  • Learn the art of reinvention and disruption: To really make a splash in your industry, you need to look for ways to change how that industry operates.
  • The fundamentals for success: The essential concepts and tips that you will give your new venture its best chance for growth and financial success, from the practicalities of raising funds and starting a business, to getting to grips with logistics, to scaling rapidly and successfully.
  • Sort the good from the bad:  How do you know if your great idea really is great? Learn how to factor timing, costs, potential barriers, and scalability into your plans from the word go.
  • Turn a service into a product:  Learn from other Australian entrepreneurs such as the story of Tobi Pearce and Kayla Itsines who turned their personal training business SWEAT into a social media mega platform selling it to IFIT for a reported $400m.

This is a book written for anyone who has a great idea for a company, but no idea where to start, and how to set up a business for success and growth.  In the same way that The Barefoot Investor has become synonymous with personal finance, so will The Essential Entrepreneur with Australian’s who have a great idea and are ready to take the next step.

Jacqui Attard, CEO, Realise Business conducted a Q&A with Richard and the vote of thanks was moved by Peter May, Executive Officer, Sydney CBD Chamber of Commerce.




Special GuestS

Chris Jordan


Author, "The Essential Entrepreneur"

Richard Turner is a renowned Australian entrepreneur, innovator, and business leader. The leader of four successful companies across four different industry sectors, Richard is a former Australian Entrepreneur of the Year. His most recent venture, ZEN Energy, was previously named one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia. Richard is a specialist in re-invention and industry disruption, he is passionate about sustainability and wants to ideally assist companies that are driving change for the better, believe in their purpose and add value to future generations.

He is a former Entrepreneur in Residence for the University of South Australia, and he continues to mentor early stage and scaling businesses.

Chris Jordan


CEO, Realise Business

Jacqui Attard is a business expert and coach who has devoted her career to helping small businesses grow and prosper. Her passion and knowledge for small business is boundless as is her expertise across many sectors.

As CEO of Realise Business, Jacqui develops coaching programs and services to help businesses grow and increase their profitability. Jacqui also has a background in business coaching in Health Professions which inspired the successful roll-out of the OTA Virtual Learning and Business Coaching Program.

Jacqui has delivered a diverse range of programs throughout Australia and New Zealand on topics such as; Lifting your Sales Performance, Change Management, Graduate Development, Coach Manager, Leadership Development, Strategy Planning and High Performing Teams.



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