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Year End Drinks Reception with the Hon. Matt Kean MP

NSW’s Treasurer, and Minister for Energy and Environment

Monday, 13 December 2021

5:30 pm - 8:00 pm



Sydney CBD



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On 13 Dec 2021, Business Sydney held its Year End Drinks Reception with the Hon Matt Kean MP, Treasurer, Minister for Energy and Environment.

Treasurer Matt Kean says NSW is ‘turbo charging’ prosperity while other states remain ‘hermit kingdoms’.

NSW Treasurer Matt Kean MP says while the Perrottet Government “turbo charges our prosperity” Western Australia and Queensland remain as “hermit kingdoms”.

New South Wales Treasurer Matt Kean says the government was striking the balance between keeping people safe and rebooting the economy while other states remain closed.

Mr Kean said the Perrottet Government had taken “proportionate measures” to rebuild the economy while keeping people safe.

“We’ll take proportionate decisions that protect people’s freedoms but keep people safe; that’s what we’re doing here in this state and the proof’s in the pudding,” Mr Kean said.

“Our economy is getting back on its feet in fact we’ve got the highest rate of business confidence anywhere in the country at the moment because of the decisions this government has taken.”

“If they want to be hermit kingdoms that’s up to them, we want to grow investment we want to grow our economy and grow the prosperity of every person in this state,” the Treasurer said.

The event was held to mark the end of one most challenging year in history for Sydney’s businesses and to celebrate the upcoming festive season. The reception was hosted by Stan Kondilios and his colleagues at Hall & Wilcox.

Thank you to our partners Hall & Wilcox for their fantastic hospitality & support. Also a big thank you to our wine partner Swan Wine Group for their continued support and Christmas gifts!

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Special Guest

The Hon. Matt Kean MP

NSW’s Treasurer, and Minister for Energy and Environment

Matt Kean entered Parliament in 2011 and spent his early years advocating for stronger mental health policy. 

Elevated to the NSW Cabinet in 2017, he was Appointed Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation in 2017, then appointed Minister for Energy and Environment in 2019 and appointed Treasurer in 2021.

He is focused on safely re-opening the economy and getting people back to work, and intends to invest in our economy and our people today to deliver a stronger, more prosperous, more sustainable future tomorrow. 

An outspoken critic of “climate denialism” he has campaigned for greater and national action on climate change, arguing it’s not only good for the environment but it’s also good for our economy.

He has committed to increasing the size of the NSW National Park estate by over 400,000 hectares by the end of 2022 and in 2020 delivered the biggest renewable energy policy in Australia’s history. 

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